Starting and growing your business is a lot like planting and growing a garden.


You've found the right soil by researching your target market and the competition.

You've planted the seed by getting started and doing the thing.

You are working on finding the right amount of sunlight, or visibility in your industry through your marketing strategy.

You've watered and nurtured your new business and it's finally sprouted into something real.

We're here to take you from bud to bloom.

Meet Your Mentors


Girija Patel

Girija Bhargava Patel

 Girija began her legal career in 2006 and soon after, realized that while she loved litigating in court, she had other passions she wanted to explore. It was there that she was introduced to an inspiring group of creative entrepreneurs just like you. She quickly fell in love with this new creative community and made several amazing friends... but soon noticed something strange. Any time she mentioned her background in business law, she'd see eyes glaze over and walls immediately go up. To Girija, business law is just a fact of life. But to our creative entrepreneur friends, it can be scary and overwhelming. And she is here to change that.

Today, it’s Girija's joy to make business law as easy and as stress-free as possible so that you can go out and help the world in the ways you’re passionate about. Whether you’re launching a startup, need help with copyrights and trademarks, or are stumped when it comes to creating contracts, Girija is here to help.

Kelsea Buddo

 Kelsea is the Founder and Designer behind Kindly by Kelsea, a Houston-based design house focused on curating strategic and storytelling brand identities for creative entrepreneurs. She is passionate about the brand building process and believes every detail matters when it comes to a business, from the typography on your social media posts to the set of illustrated icons on a website.

Kelsea attended Texas A&M University and received Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Media Communications and English Literature. Her career began in Journalism and Public Relations, where she represented national brands, like Southern Living, Capstone Builders, and Kendra Scott Design, and quickly realized the power of a strong brand story and cohesive design. This realization eventually led Kelsea to follow her heart and pursue graphic design for entrepreneurs looking to build their brand identity and deepen their brand reach.

She's inspired by timeless brands that pack a punch, and has a heart for small business owners pursuing their passions. When Kelsea's not tackling various creative projects, you might find her tending her garden with her husband (and Maltipoo pup), planning their next European vacation, or empowering women through her barre fitness classes.

Mandi Holmes

Mandi Holmes

Mandi Holmes is CEO of She Can Coterie, a boutique business and marketing management agency for online, service-based, female business owners. She Can Coterie started in 2015 when Mandi was unexpectedly laid off from a job as a virtual assistant herself and is now a fully-functioning, expert team that does it all!

Blogging and editorial work, social media management, customer service, technical support, inbox support, systems creation, travel and invoicing... you name it, She Can Coterie can do it! The options are truly endless. To date, SCC has helped more than 100 business owners get organized, strategize their next steps, and take action towards their biggest dreams.

Mandi believes that women should run the world, that asking for help is vital to success, and that having an iced latte in your hand makes you unstoppable. When she's not leading her team, upleveling She Can Coterie, or serving powerful women around the world you can find her with her nose in a good book, playing "bathetball" with her sweet son Henry, or binge-watching Netflix with her husband.

Our Seedlings


We were having a gorgeous summer lunch at City Centre, discussing how we want to help other entrepreneurs who are in the same place we have been, facing the things we have faced, needing the help that we needed when we were just figuring out how to run a business. We wanted to come alongside women like us, and help bridge the gap between launching and thriving. So we decided to create seasonal workshops where entrepreneurs just like you could learn from industry experts.

What we didn't want to do is give our students a few tips and then send them on their merry way.

We wanted our students to put what we teach into action.


So we're doing things differently. You're not just going to leave our workshops feeling "inspired" and "motivated," only to crash and burn on the couch when you get home.

When you show up, we're going to get our hands dirty in the work,

so you can walk away with your business transformed.