Perfect Your Pricing and Proposals

Proposals | Pricing | Contracts

March 22, 2018
Heights Haven


You're a woman who knows how to get it done.

You've put in the work to start and grow your business. You've got a steady stream of inquiries and you are making the world a more beautiful, inspiring place to be!

You're ready to implement strategy and systems so that you can scale and become more profitable, but you just don't know where to start or how to flesh it all out on your own. You're ready to ditch Google and Pinterest advice in favor of in-person, expert guidance.


We know how it feels, because we've been where you are.


We've hustled it out at our desks past 11pm (maybe even while writing this sales page)

We've wondered if that 4th cup of coffee was a good idea, but hey, we've got big dreams (and an even bigger to-do list!)

We've said no to going out with friends so we could get that client what we promised (and sometimes we felt okay about that)

We've binge-listened to so many entrepreneurial podcasts that now they feel like our work BFF's (don't tell us we aren't!)

We are building our empires and we aren't afraid of hard work.

But do you want to know a secret? We can't do it alone.

And we shouldn't.

Because we do our very best work when we do it together.

A couple of months ago over lunch, we were talking through our business struggles and helping each other out. We had all been to countless conferences where we gleaned so much from the latest and the brightest business minds. We left feeling inspired and ready to take action, but when we got back home we got stuck responding to client emails, doing laundry, and catching up on Jane the Virgin. Soon our motivation had faded and all those systems we wanted to implement were just words in our notebooks. We needed the accountability and the space in our day to get stuff DONE.

That's why we started Entre•pre•nurture.


Join us Friday, March 22, 2019 for our WORKshop, where you'll not only learn from industry experts, you'll actually get your hands dirty in the work and go home with a transformed business!

Workshop Theme: Perfect Your Pricing and Proposals!

We'll meet at Heights Haven at 10 am for a light snack and coffee, then we'll jump into the content.

Mandi is going to walk us through a simple but effective proposal process. You will leave with a customized proposal that helps you put your best foot forward with your prospects, educate your prospect on what to expect, and persuades them ethically to sign on the dotted line.

Girija is going to help us turn that proposal into a contract. She will show us all the places we need to be protected in our business. She will be helping each attendee create a client contract that will protect both the business owner and the client.

Pricing Expert TBA!

A catered lunch will be provided, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions and get personalized help.


This workshop is right for you if...

You have an established business with a name, mission, and branding (even if it's self-made).

You know what you are selling,
have a clear ask, and a way for people to hire or work with you.

You have consistent clients
or a somewhat-steady stream of inquiries that is growing.

Ready to see your business flourish and thrive?